• Eddy current metal material sorter copper aluminum plastic sorter aluminum plast
  • Eddy current metal material sorter copper aluminum plastic sorter aluminum plast
  • Eddy current metal material sorter copper aluminum plastic sorter aluminum plast
  • Eddy current metal material sorter copper aluminum plastic sorter aluminum plast
  • Eddy current metal material sorter copper aluminum plastic sorter aluminum plast

Eddy current metal material sorter copper aluminum plastic sorter aluminum plast

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1 pc

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Product Description

Waste Incinerator Bottom ash (IBA) are the product of the waste-to-energy (WtE) process from the energetic usage of burnt solid waste in which municipal solid waste (MSW), Household Waste ,industrial or commercial waste and Medical waste from health-care facilities is burned to generate warmth and electricity for households  and and Refuse-Derived Fuel(RDF) working site  .

The production of bottom ash is rising because MSW is increasingly incinerated. Bottom ash is land filled in many countries.However, the material is suitable as a building material from a civil engineering viewpoint, e.g. for embankments and foundations of roads. Bottom ash contains a considerable amount of non-ferrous and ferrous metals that should be removed for such an application.
The Incinerator slags contain a particularly high proportion of recoverable metals such as ferrous metals , heavy copper , light aluminum .and a significant proportion of noble metals such as gold and silver are present in the <2 mm grain range.


How to using magnetic and eddy-current technology to recovery ferrous , alloys copper aluminum non-ferrous metals, and stainless steel from the incineration bottom ash IBA 

magnetic eddy current metals separation equipment /system provides best-in-class ferrous and non-ferrous recovery rates for shredding operations. widely used to achieve better recovery and a higher grade product, while delivering it at a lower cost per ton . 

1.Drum magnets ,permanent or Electric Overband suspended magnets, magnetic pulleys for ferromagnetic metal recovery 

2.Eccentric pole eddy current separators and Ultra-High-Frequency UHF Eddy Current Separator for alloys aluminum, copper nonferrous metal recovery  , there also have two belt pass uhf Eddy Current Separator could be seleceted foroptimum micro-fine aluminum copper nonferrous particles sorting 

3.Electromagnetic Induction Sensor Sorter for Stainless Steel sorting 




Model Belt Width Belt Power Rotor Power Feeder Power Belt Speed Rotation Speed 
ECS-40P 450mm 0.75Kw 3Kw  (0.12+0.12)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-65P 650mm 1.5Kw 4.0Kw (0.25+0.25)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-80P 800mm 1.5Kw 4.0Kw (0.25+0.25)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-100P 1000mm 2.2Kw  5.5Kw  (0.55+0.55)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-120P 1200mm 2.2Kw  5.5Kw  (0.55+0.55)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-140P 1400mm 2.2Kw  5.5Kw  (0.75+0.75)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-160P 1600mm 2.2Kw  5.5Kw  (0.75+0.75)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-180P 1800mm 2.2Kw  5.5Kw  (0.75+0.75)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-200P 2000mm 2.2Kw  5.5Kw  (0.75+0.75)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-220P 2200mm 2.2Kw  5.5Kw  (1.1+1.1)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm


Other APPLICATION AREAS of magnetic eddy current metal sorting system

1.AUTOMOBILE SHREDDING & SCRAP METAL PROCESSING,such as Car bodies ,Mixed scrap,Aluminum Can Recycling 2.ADVANCED METAL Automotive white goods RECOVERY & SORTING ,such as Engine blocks ,Aluminium rims and
profiles ,etc ALUMINUM /alumina SHREDDING & SORTING
3.WASTE TO ENERGY Power Plants for maximizing metal extraction from the incineration bottom ash
5.scraps Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEEs) e waste RECYCLING
6.ferromagnetic and Non-ferrous metals recycling in steel mills and foundries Applications
7.Food, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals
8.Lumber/ Waste wood processing
9. Mining/Minerals


1.  What is the MOQ of your machine?

 A: Our  MOQ is 1 set

2. How long is the machine warranty period?

A: the product warranty period is 12 months

3.What kind of metal is eddy current applied to?

A:Eddy Current Separator suitable for aluminum, copper, brass.etc non-ferrous scraps separation from non - metal materials of size >3mm. 

4.Which type should I use for my recycling plant?

A: In order to recommend the most suitable model, please let us know the material`s situation .including the composition , size ,handling capacity and expected separation result .

5.What are the pros and cons between a concentric pole rotor compared with and eccentric rotor design?

A: The eccentric type is much suitable for complicated material situation , The eccentric rotor design reduces long-term wear due to heated ferrous build up ,can effectively avoid the device damage caused by impurity ferrous metal.  

Exclusive the ferrous influence , the concentric type have a little bit better separation effect,but must make sure no ferrous exist.  


More details ,  please kindly contact :

Mob/Wechat/WhatsAPP: +86 15242300557 


Price Terms︰ FOB CNF CIF
Payment Terms︰ TT / LC / DP / DA
Packing︰ metal recycling machine will nude in container
Lead Time︰ 30-90days upon the model and quantity

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